2 comments on “Rebel flag: What do you see?

  1. This is not rasict it is southern pride you idiots! Learn your facts go home and read a book for once in your lousy life. You might learn something like this is actually a sign of pride and heritage. Learn your history before you start yapping away running your mouth and then when you get proven wrong you get more butthurt then on Jan 20 when Donald Trump went in to office instead of the crooked Hillary Clinton. No run home and go cry to your mommy cause you just got dissed by a 12 year old whose been tought right and knows something’s about history!

    • I have learned my facts, and you’re a child. You haven’t been “taught” (that’s how it’s actually spelled). You’ve been programmed. The banner you usually refer to as a “rebel flag” was in fact the battle flag of Virginia, one of several states to join in the Civil War efforts. You will find Virginia’s John Preston declared the reason to join in that war was to protect “African slavery” http://www.civilwarcauses.org/preston.htm

      You can search through all the speeches given by southern governors about why they joined secession and you will find “slave” and “slavery” will be the predominant reason given, and damned near nothing about southern pride or taxation or any other real reason. But mostly, the famous “Cornerstone Speech” settles this issue for you almost instantly:

      “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.”

      Alexander H. Stephens
      Savannah, Georgia
      March 21, 1861

      So whatever you were taught, you were taught wrong. It was an act of treason against the union over the simple fact that slavery was going to be coming to an end. Yes, little buddy, this was a racial thing, and that’s entirely what the “southern pride” thing was about.

      As for Trump and “crooked Hillary,” you’re clearly unaware Trump won with collusion to Russia who fed the country with lies about the accusations dumped on Hillary, that she’s been entirely exonerated in regards to all those accusations, and that everything accused of her, Trump has actually committed in exponentially greater degree, as has the entire Republican party.

      Which is why he actually lost. Except for a few small thousand votes in three key states highly tampered with and suspect in the first place. In other words, everything you said was as wrong as it gets.

      But then, you’re just a child, and you didn’t own anything about me. You just said what you’re taught to say, and given the stock of people who taught you, that is not surprising. They’re they dying breed of people who had to cheat to win.

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